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Our Objective

At Enhance Wellbeing Health Care, we are committed to providing comprehensive care services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients

  • Assistance with dressing / undressing- getting in the morning and preparing for bed at night.
    Assistance with bathing, showering and washing.
    Assistance with skin care, washing hair and cleaning teeth.
    Manicuring and skin care but not cutting toenails.
    Assistance with bed bathing.
    Assistance with toileting and use of incontinence aid.
    Assistance with medication and health related duties (in accordance with the written care plan)
    Night sleep over or sitting service and day sitting services.
    Assistance with feeding.

  • Companionship, social skills, social interaction
    Reminiscing and mental awareness stimulation
    Letter writing, reading and managing correspondence
    Escorting to medical and social appointments
    Escorting to education/employment establishments
    Pet care
    Walking and travelling
    Assisting with agreed programme of convalescence/rehabilitation
    Assisting with budgeting and finances
    Support to maintain tenancies
    General supported living assistance

  • The preparation of food, shopping and cooking, washing up and menu planning.
    Cleaning and general routine household tasks
    Laundry (including incontinence laundry)

Our Partner

Tanzanite Healthcare Services collaborates with service providers to enhance the quality of care and services we offer, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive approach to our patients' health and well-being.